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Fathom 2015
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Fathom 2015

Fathom is a platform game with very well made pixelated graphics, in which you play as a robot trying to escape from his evil creators. Machine gun turrets block your exit, but fortunately you have the ability to slow time and redirect their bullets with your mind. Are you smarter than the laboratory defense system? Can you find your way to freedom?
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Run and jump with WADS or arrow-keys.
Slow time and redirect bullets with the mouse (hold the left button)
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Super Mario Crossover 2
The second version of the very successful arcade game Super Mario Crossover is here. The new versions offers many new character and levels, there are 10 different characters from various retro games that you can choose from. Pick your favorite character and start your adventure in Mario land.
Super Mario Crossover 2
Switch Bot
Lost on an unfamiliar planet, Switch Bot needs to find his way home. He needs to pass all 32 levels solving all puzzles that stand on his way. The first levels are very easy but after that the game gets more difficult and interesting. Have fun!
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Werewolf Tycoon
Werewolf Tycoon is a simple but addictive werewolf stealth simulation game. You are in the role of the Big Bad Wolf of Werewolf Park who is hiding behind a bench and attacks people during the night. Do your best to eat as many people as possible without being seen or photographed. Have fun!
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Enough Plumbers 2
Enough Plumbers 2 is a retro looking arcade game similar to the Super Mario games. In this game the main character is a plumber who is collecting golden coins to clone himself. Jump around the platforms, clone yourself and solve all puzzles to reach and unlock the level exit door.
Enough Plumbers 2