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Colourblind is an arcade game with very well made graphics and interesting gameplay. The game tells the story of a small colorblind creature which girlfriend was kidnapped by an evil monster. Case the kidnapper and overcome all the obstacles hidden in the levels. Good luck overcoming all 24 levels!
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Play the game with arrow-keys.
Screenshot 1 from Colourblind Screenshot 2 from Colourblind Screenshot 3 from Colourblind Screenshot 4 from Colourblind
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Go Go Go Pikachu is an interesting platform adventure game with Pokemon characters. Use the different Pokemon characters to overcome different obstacles in the game. You can change to Turtle so you can swim, Frog who can jump higher or transform yourself to a Fire Dragon who can run faster. Have fun playing this beautiful Pokemon arcade game!
Go Go Go Pikachu
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Play as Pichu in this Pokemon adventure game. Collect flashes to pass the level and become bigger and stronger.
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