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Erline 4
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Erline 4

For many years this world was dark and lost in the evil. Now I'm lost in limbo and I need to find the keys to break my fears and escape from this place...Complete 20 Levels of adventures to escape from this place. Good gameplay and graphics adventure Instructions: Move: Arrows Keys, Ghost: Spacebar
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Move with the arrow keys.
Space - use items.
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Erline 3: The magic orbs
Long time ago the gods of the Aurla forest created the magic orbs. This orbs help people to find his path of light and love. But now these orbs have been lost in the darkness and a wild monster has appeared.
Erline is trapped in the magic forest and must find the orbs to restore the light and love to the World.
Erline 3: The magic orbs
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The Jungle Escape
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