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MADFIST, a super fun addictive game. This is the best time-killer ever. This is the HD version of MADFIST, we also have an other version: MADFIST Retro. With this easy to understand game we sincerely hope that you like this game as we do. You have to score as many points as possible. You can reach this by hitting the little targets which are shown in a split second when you have to decide to strike with the MADFIST. You will try it over and over again. Guaranteed. This game is already available in the mobile app stores.

>> We are very lyrical about this game. Please, warn everyone that they should be aware of the high addiction level<<

We already received some quotes from our beloved gamers.
"This super fun and addictive because you want to beat your record every time"
"A-MAZE-ING. This is THE BEST time killer EVER. I like it so much"
"This is a great game. Good for all ages. Make more like this. Hard and challenging and keep up the good work"
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Use mouse click or any keyboard button.
dragonball 03/08/2015 11:55 PM
very addictive!!
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