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Shambles is a first person shooter game with retro looking pixelated graphics. As in all zombie games your home town is invaded by zombies and you are one of the few survivors. Get your pistol and defend yourself. Good luck survivor!
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Move with WASD.
Aim and shoot with the mouse.
1-2-3-4 change weapons.
Martian Wars
This is a beta version of the upcoming Multiplayer SciFi FPS Shooter MMO from Martian Games. At the moment the game Martian Wars offers only 2 tracks but more should be available soon. Join a team and fight with hand held guns or find a vehicle and shoot using its weapons. Have fun playing against real players from around the world!
Martian Wars
Rotor Storm
Rotor Storm is a great military simulator with helicopters, powered by Unity 3D technology. Pilot your helicopter through dangerous territory and eliminate the enemies in your path. Dodge their attacks and fire your own to clear the way forward. Collect power-ups to improve your offensive power and ease your flight. Good luck soldier!
Rotor Storm
Mad Trucker 3
Drive your big truck down the road as you blast cars, choppers and jets.
Upgrade your wepons, engine and armour to keep truckin!
Mad Trucker 3