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Mighty Knight
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Mighty Knight

Mighty Knight is a well made action game in which you are a brave hero fighting the Dark Order. Use your sword and skills to defeat the monsters attacking you from all sides and collect golden coins to upgrade your weapon and skills. Good luck defeating the Dark Order minions!
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Move with WASD.
J - attack.
K,L - use skills.
Mighty Knight 2
The second version of the great fighting game Mighty Knight is here. The new version of the game have many new upgrades for your characters and new and stronger enemies to fight against. Have fun fighting and leveling up your character!
Mighty Knight 2
Absolute Mayhem
Absolute Mayhem is a 3D action game which takes place in dark labyrinths full of hostile enemies. Shoot carefully and collect ammo as you can quickly run out of gun power.
Absolute Mayhem
Zombie Hunters Online
Zombie Hunters Online is a multi-player game in which you fight against endless zombie waves with the assistance of players from around the world. Starting the game you are armed with a small pistol but as you level up you gather more powerful weapons. Have fun slaying zombies with your friends!
Zombie Hunters Online
World of Mutants 2 - Reincarnation
World of Mutants 2 is an action game in which you are flying with a jet pack and fight all kind of mutants. There are six planets that you need to clear from the mutant invasion. As you fight the mutants you are gaining experience points which can be used for upgrading your skills and weapons.
World of Mutants 2 - Reincarnation