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Fighting Brother 2
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Fighting Brother 2

Fighting Brother 2 is a multilayer game that you can play with your friend. In this game you are in the role of 2 brothers fighting the bad guys on the street. Be prepared as there are powerful bosses waiting for you at the end of each level.
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Player one:
Move with WASD.
J,K - attack.
L - jump.
U,I,O,P skills.
Space-bar - powerful skill
Player 2:
Move with arrow-keys.
1,2 - attack.
3 - jump.
4,5,6,7 - skills.
0 - powerful skill.
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Fighting Heroes
Fighting Heroes is a retro fighting game in which you choose your hero from 12 heroes like Spiderman, Batman or Captain America to Storm or Wolverine and fight your way trough the levels against all 7 villains like Joker, Sandman or the evil venom. Finish the game with some heroes to unlock others.
Fighting Heroes
Fighting Heroes Jigsaw
Fighting Heroes Jigsaw is a brand new free online fighting jigsaw game. This cool puzzle with fighting heroes has four game modes: easy, medium, hard and expert mode. In easy mode you have to arrange 12 pieces, in medium mode you have to arrange 48 pieces, in hard mode you have to arrange 108 pieces and in expert level you have to arrange 192 pieces. Choose the modes and get ready to play the game.
Fighting Heroes Jigsaw
Fighting Hero
Begone: Guerra
Begone Guerra is a first person shooting game inspired by the desktop game Counter Strike. The game is made with Unity 3D engine and offers better graphics than the original game and a multilayer mode without the need to install the game on your PC. Choose the server you want to play on then choose your team SWAT or Militia and join the action. Don't forget to enable the full screen mode by pressing F .
Begone: Guerra