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Combat 3
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Combat 3

Combat 3 is a new first-person shooter arena combat game made with the innovative Unity 3D technology. This is a online multiplayer game which means you can take on opponents from around the world. The game offers a big arsenal of guns that you can use and many maps with different game types. Choose your game and team and start the action.
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WASD - move
Mouse + Left Click - aim and shoot
Right Click - aim down sights
R - reload | Space-bar - jump | C - crouch
Number Keys or Mouse Wheel - change weapons
Tab - menu / release game focus
P - full-screen.
Mini Attack : Urban Combat
Mini Attack : Urban Combat is a 3D action game made for Unity player. Complete the training mission that shows you the game basics and start the real action. Pick up weapon upgrades, health packs and other bonuses and complete all of the missions assigned to your squad.
Mini Attack : Urban Combat
Terror Combat Defense
In the game Terror Combat Defense you are in the role of a soldier protecting an U.S. military base that is under a terrorists attack. Shoot all the terrorists before they reach your base and save the doctors as they'll give you a gem. After each wave of terrorists you can repair your base and buy new weapons. Good luck defender!
Terror Combat Defense
Intruder: Combat Training 2x
Intruder: Combat Training 2x is a fast-paced 2D shooter in which you cam play against players from around the world or in missions mode where you play against AI controlled opponents. Get your gun and fight until you become the ultimate special forces operative. Good luck soldier!
Intruder: Combat Training 2x
Move with the player around the playing surface in 3D space in each game round you have to try to stay alive. Shoot all the enemy units and do everything to try to take the lives supplement and charge back to the maximum. The enemy is here a lot, so there is no time to rest.
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