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Undead End 2
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Undead End 2

The second version of the great zombies game Undead End is here. The second version have improved graphics, new levels and many new guns. Take the tutorial level an start the action!
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Move with arrow-keys.
R - reload your gun.
E - use blades.
Space-bar - backpack.
F - swap guns.
Undead end
Undead End Hardcore
Collect different weapons and battle with zombies.
Undead End Hardcore
Undead Slayer Defense
Zombies and other ugly creatures are attacking your home village. Help the knights to defend the village and kill all
the attacking monsters before the village is burned and destroyed. Choose your best knight and fight back the enemies trying to burn your home village.
Undead Slayer Defense
Undead Throne
You have risen!
For too long the draconian continent has stagnated under the shadow of the three elder dragons. The time has come for a new ruler who will bring order to the different creatures that reside within these lands. Rise forth and slay all who stand on your way, and claim the throne that is rightfully yours!
Undead Throne
Undead Highway
Scroll down the highway okopirana by bloodthirsty zombies, shoot them and collect weapons and ammunition.
Undead Highway