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X Speed Race
Excellent 4.06
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X Speed Race

X Speed Race is a great racing game with stunning 3D graphics made for Unity3D engine and fast super cars. Choose your favorite car and track and join the race against the other 7 AI controlled opponents. Have fun racing.
Hits: 3038 File size: 15 MB Added: Thu Apr 11 2013 Uploaded by: masoko
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Drive with arrow-keys.
Space-bar - hand break.
F - full screen.
V - change camera.
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Wrath of the Titans is a RPG game with desktop like 3D graphics powered by Unity 3D technology. The game is inspired by the hit movie Wrath of the Titans and you are fighting against the evil minions of Kronos. Use your might sword to slice everything that stands on you way and watch your health. Good luck!
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