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Dare Up!
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Dare Up!

Dare Up is an extreme sport game in which you are flying with a wing-suit over a beautiful mountain terrain with waterfalls and rivers that flows into the sea. The game offers two game modes - ring mode and score mode. In the ring mode you have to fly and hit the blue markers when in the score mode you are doing a free ride and have to score a maximum high score. Customize your character wing-suit, choose your drop zone and feel the adrenaline of the free fall.
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Fly with arrow keys.
Shift + arrow keys for tricks (flip and row).
Z + back-arrow for back flight.
Space-bar - open parachute.
youtube/x-ewukCvmqU youtube/XQsGR1B5Cbw
Dare Devil
Dare Devil is a motorcycle game in which you have to do motorcycle jumps and perform various trick while in the air. After each jump you can use the money you earned to upgrade your bike acceleration, max speed or reduce its weight.
Dare Devil
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3D Bike Fun
3D Bike Fun is quite a difficult motor riding game in which you are riding a powerful red motor on a bumpy 3D track. Drive carefully as it is very easy to fall off your bike and perform back and front flips for maximum high-score. Have fun!
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Mini Golf Islands
Mini Golf Islands is a well made Unity 3D game for those who love playing golf but don't have the time to play it on the field. The game offers 20 levels where you can practice your golf skills, the first levels are very simple but after that the game gets more interesting. Have fun playing golf in this amazing 3D world.
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