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Pirateers is a an adventure game in which you are sailing the seas with a pirate ship. Fight the ships you meet on your adventure, steal their load and use the money you earn to repair, upgrade your ship or by a new one.
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Control the ship with arrow-keys.
Shoot with space-bar or a mouse click.
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Pirateers 2
In Pirateers 2 you are in the role of a pirate's captain. Prepare your ship and crew, set the sail and begin your voyage to hunt for the legendary treasures. Fight other pirates, rob merchants or fight against the royal navy. Trade the goods from the sunken ships and upgrade yours. Complete various quests and become the most dangerous pirate in the oceans!
Pirateers 2
Super Sloth Bomber
Free Fred
The distance game Free Fred tells the story of a grown up boy who's best childhood friend was a dolphin that was kidnapped by some bad guys. Now, you are old and strong enough to go out after them and release your friend. Go out, upgrade your ship and fight for the freedom of your friend Fred the dolphin!
Free Fred