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Poo Dumper
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Poo Dumper

Poo Dumper is a transport game in which you are in the role of a truck driver who is transporting poo. Collect the poop and drive it to the cliff. Then dump it! Try not to pill any poop while tranporting it or you'll have to start from the beginning.
Hits: 22339 File size: 6 MB Added: Wed Mar 7 2012 Uploaded by: masoko
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Drive the truck with arrow-keys.
ralph 06/19/2015 07:38 AM
lol what a game
Bart Kart
Your favorite cartoon character from the Simpsons movie, Bart have made his own kart and needs your help testing it. Help Brat to test his new vehicle by driving it thorough the bumpy tracks and performing front and back-flips. Have fun!
Bart Kart
Toy Monster Trip
Toy Monster Trip is a trucks game with beautiful cartoon graphics. Start your toy trucks engine and drive as fast as possible in this toys paradise. Your mission is to smash everything on your way and collect as many golden star as possible. After each level you can use the stars you have collected to upgrade your truck performance. Have fun!
Toy Monster Trip
Heavy To Carry 2
Prove your driving skills in 12 intense levels the game Heavy To Carry 2 has to offer! Your goal is to get most of the cargo to the finish line. Try to keep the distance between the truck and the trailers, as when they hit each other you'll loose some of your cargo.
Heavy To Carry 2
Trucking Zombies
The population of planet Earth is infected with a dangerous virus transforming everybody to zombies. You and your two friends are Earth's only hope. Get your armed trucks and start clearing the streets from the brain hungry zombies. After each level you can use the collected money to upgrade your weapons. Good luck!
Trucking Zombies
Tricky tracker