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New York Shark
Excellent 4.49
(74 votes)

New York Shark

New York Shark is a bloody action game which takes place at the coast of New York. You are in the role of a hungry shark that is eating and destroying everything that stands on its way. Eat people, sink boats and bring down airplanes.
Hits: 20042 File size: 11 MB Added: Mon Feb 27 2012 Uploaded by: masoko
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Move with arrow-keys.
Ctrl or A - bite.
Screenshot 1 from New York Shark Screenshot 2 from New York Shark Screenshot 3 from New York Shark Screenshot 4 from New York Shark Screenshot 5 from New York Shark
Global Highscores
1. Papa Joe Papa Joe
02/28/2012 05:32 AM
4 074 854
2. masoko masoko
02/27/2012 09:10 AM
3 794 147
3. masoko masoko
02/28/2012 04:30 PM
3 402 185
4. Christian Guerrero Christian Guerrero
03/23/2012 11:05 PM
2 901 692
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