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Beggars Marry Wives
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Beggars Marry Wives

Beggars Marry Wives is an arcade game in which the two poor beggars go on an adventure to find their perfect wives! Help them to overcome all dangers and obstacles that stand on their way and reach the cave of their potential wives.
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Use WASD to move tall beggar;
Space-bar to carry stone;
Use arrow keys to move short beggar.
When tall beggar crouch, the short beggar can stand on his head. Jump on enemy's head to kill it. Reach the cave entrance and collect all coin to get through the level.
Perfect Pitch
The objective is to go through the whole course without getting caught by the moles, and without passing twice in the same place!
Perfect Pitch
12 Rooms - no escape
Underground hacker breaking into the security systems of banks, to bring them down so there is no difference between the rich and the poor.
Extremely challenging stealth, puzzle platform game. Guide this underground
hacker through 12 trap filled rooms of platform, puzzling fun!
12 Rooms - no escape
Kill the Plumber
Kill the Plumber is a simple but addictive arcade game inspired by the classic retro game Super Mario. Despite all Mario inspired game, here you are not playing as Super Mario but a small gumba who have to trick and beat the plumper (Mario) in order to pass the level. Have fun playing!
Kill the Plumber
Metal Slug: Run!
Metal Slug: Run is an arcade game inspired by the classic Neo Geo shoot em up game. Your mission in this game is to take over the last enemy base located on an isolated island. Reach the base by shooting all the soldiers blocking your way, collect weapon upgrades and ammo to survive longer.
Metal Slug: Run!
Fireboy And Watergirl 4
The forth version of great adventure game Fireboy and Watergirl is here. Your mission is the same - help Fireboy and Water girl to overcome all the dangers and puzzles waiting them in the ice temple. And don't forget never to mix fire with water - Good luck!
Fireboy And Watergirl 4