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Beggars Marry Wives
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Beggars Marry Wives

Beggars Marry Wives is an arcade game in which the two poor beggars go on an adventure to find their perfect wives! Help them to overcome all dangers and obstacles that stand on their way and reach the cave of their potential wives.
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Use WASD to move tall beggar;
Space-bar to carry stone;
Use arrow keys to move short beggar.
When tall beggar crouch, the short beggar can stand on his head. Jump on enemy's head to kill it. Reach the cave entrance and collect all coin to get through the level.
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Finally the third version of the hit arcade game Raze is here. For those who don't know the story of the game here it is: 10 years ago the Alien invasion left Earth in ashes. Humanity began building civilizations in the skies while repairs continue on the ground. The military devised Express Training Programs to quickly and cheaply train soldiers. Strength in numbers. This is where your story begins.
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