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Battlefield Arena
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Battlefield Arena

Battlefield Arena is strategy game in which you are a commander of a military base. Build different building that will allow you to research and manufacture different military units. Once your army is strong enough, attack and destroy the enemy base.
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Select and control you units with the mouse.
Space-bar - unselect.
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Battlefield Shooter 2
Battlefield Shooter 2 is a defense game in which you are in the role of a sniper protecting his base. Use different weapons to fight the enemy invasion and don't forget to upgrade your weapons after each wave of enemies. Have fun shooting!
Battlefield Shooter 2
Battlefield Medic WW2
In the distance game Battlefield Medic WW2 you are in the role of a medic from the world war 2. During the war the medics on the battlefield had to get supplies and transport wounded soldiers from some of the worst battles ever. Your mission is to upgrade your car so you can reach safely your destination. Good luck and don't give up!
Battlefield Medic WW2
Battlefield Shooter
Nice military game. You are sniper hidden outside of your base, and you have to protect the base from the enemy attacks. Shoot to kill, buy new weapons and try to stop the hordes of attacking solders.
Battlefield Shooter
Battlefield Airwolf 2
Can you pilot military helicopter? This is your chance to learn. Fly through the levels and collect bonuses. Upgrade your weapons.
Battlefield Airwolf 2
Battlefield 2