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Social Empire
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Social Empire

Build your empire from scratch. Train your villagers, build houses, mills, barracks and everything you want to make your empire better. Your final goal is to conquer the whole world.
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This game is played with the mouse
ControlCraft 3
ControlCraft 3 is a dynamic action game with many levels for you to enjoy. Your goal in this game is to capture as many towers as possible, which will allow you to train solders faster and defeat the enemy. Have fun playing!
ControlCraft 3
Infectonator 2
Spread the zombie infection by causing chain reactions and destroying various cities in the world. Collect coins during each level from the dead citizens and use them to conduct researches and upgrade your zombies.
Infectonator 2
Age of War 2
Robbed Eggs 2
The second series of your favorite physics and strategy game "Robbed Eggs" is here!
Once again the green eggs are stolen. You need to shoot the stolen eggs back in the nest to complete the level.
Each level has a unique and new exciting feature to play. Use your strategy to win the game.

Robbed Eggs has Three Worlds.

1.Ancona - New Exciting levels with amazing graphics.

2.Easter Egger - A Fun Themed environment with ice eggs.

3.Minorca - A challenging physics based puzzler with triggers and teleports.

Win and Unlock all the worlds of this physics strategy game.
Robbed Eggs 2
Civilizations Wars