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Feel This Paint
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Feel This Paint

Feel This Paint is a colorful defense game in which you have to defend your base from the waves of colorful monsters. Shoot the monsters with the corresponding color bullets and fill them up until they explode. Have fun playing this game!
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Aim and shoot with the mouse.
1-2-3 change colors.
Elizabeth1969 04/09/2016 01:01 PM
This is the best game I have ever played. It is just insane!
Intruder: Combat Training 2x
Intruder: Combat Training 2x is a fast-paced 2D shooter in which you cam play against players from around the world or in missions mode where you play against AI controlled opponents. Get your gun and fight until you become the ultimate special forces operative. Good luck soldier!
Intruder: Combat Training 2x
Return to Killer Robot Factory
In 2016 RoboCrop Inc was founded to construct and sell robots to act as warehouse workers, and also make delivery bots to deliver goods from warehouses to other locations. Their biggest customer was Rainforest.com: a large on-line retailer.
They were so successful that they branched out, developing robots for other purposes: Robots to rescue people from burning buildings, robots to help do jobs such as cutting down trees or demolition of buildings, and also soldier robots to work in warzones, keeping humans out of harms way.
However, one day RoboCorp got too ambitious ....
They created the BossBot, a large intelligent robot, to manage the factory where the robots were made. However, this robot was intelligent enough to realise that it could control more than just the factory.
Under the BossBot's command, the robots chased al the humans out of the factory, and began to modify the BossBot, arming it with weapons.
Before too long the robots will break out the factory and try to enslave the human race.
You, as a soldier and former scientist specialising in robots have been selected to go in and take on the BossBot. But first, you must go around the factory and gather the 10 keycards needed to gain access to his room... Good Luck!
Return to Killer Robot Factory
Nuclear Justice 2084
Nuclear Justice 2084 is a mix between fighting and a defense game. In this game you are in the role of a prisoner guard who have to stop the prisoners from breaking the gate and escaping. Fight the prisoners and upgrade your skills after each wave so you can hold the next wave. Good Luck!
Nuclear Justice 2084
Angry Gran 2
Crime is out of control! Help Angry Gran clean up the neighborhood from all wanna be gangsters and robbers!
Angry Gran 2