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Slash zombies Rampage 2
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Slash zombies Rampage 2

The game Slash zombies Rampage 2 takes place in year 2018 when the world is infected by a zombie virus and most of the population of planet Earth is infected with this virus. Use your tank to smash through hordes of brain hungry zombies. Collect money to upgrade your tank and weapons and do your best to pass all 15 levels and reach the military base which is the only safe place on the planet. Good luck!
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Play the game with the mouse.
Slash Zombies Rampage
All cities of the world are infested by zombies and burning in flames. We are the resistance, we fight to finish this madness and bring the world back but this fight never ends.
All my friends are dead and I am here in the middle of nowhere. I heard there is some safe zone in the other side of the city but its hard to reach.
I was lost for the last 3 months and this is my last chance.
I am preparing my tank and weapons to start this last breath. This is all I have, its just me and my weapons.
Slash Zombies Rampage
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