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Zo Donker
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Zo Donker

Zo Donker is an arcade game with dark but stylish graphics. Your goal in this game is to collect as many green jewels as possible and find the portal to the next level. Have fun playing!
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Move and jump with arrow-keys.
Naruto Invaders
Super Maria
Super Maria is a retro arcade game inspired by the classic Super Mario. The game play is similar to Super Mario arcade but the main character in this game is a female. Collect coins and smash enemies by jumping on their heads and eat cupcakes instead of flowers to become a powerful fat chick.
Super Maria
Land of Enki
In the kingdom of Naturia, the royal family is said to possess incredible magical powers. An evil sorcerer, king Blazer, has taken the princess, Nayra as a hostage in the hopes of getting the magical power for himself. There are probably a number of men who could help, but the one who is going to help is Kon. He has his own agenda with the royal family and is hoping that they know where to find a cure for his curse.
Land of Enki
Angel of the Battlefield
The battlefield is full with wounded rabbits, be the hero that saves them!
Take each rabbit to the doctor's tent. The first levels are very easy but then the game gets more interesting as there are mines, rockets and other obstetrical that you need to avoid, while rescuing the wounded rabbits.
Angel of the Battlefield
Toffy Cat