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Hobo 7: Heaven Review

Blog » Hobo 7: Heaven ReviewThursday, March 14, 2013
Today we present to you the seventh and final edition of a crazy game created by Armor Games called Hobo 7: Heaven. In Hobo 6 the main character HOBO killed Satan and somehow he found himself in Heaven. Unfortunately, angels are not really friendly so Hobo will travel through heaven fighting and cursing till he meets the Creator.  This action game combines a lot of fun, street fighting plot and appearance and unique plot.

The game controls are easy but still you need to get used to them in order to success further into the game. A is punch and S is kick, but there a lot more behind this. Arrow keys are for moving up, down, left and right. Double tap will make your Hobo to run forward.   You can do many combos which will leave your enemies with clueless. Some combos are nasty, some are disgusting. Nevertheless, they give Hobo enough power to overcome the angles.  Progressing in the game you will unlock combos which will be used against the angles you come across. 

Hobo 7: Heaven is taking place, of course, in Heaven. Hobo is found sleeping under a tree suddenly waked by a guy with a tie. Hobofinds himself before a path of angel adventures.

Not only great plot but hilarious skills make the game lots of fun. Hobo can hit angels with his eyes, tong, and neck. He can spit on them or pee or something not really pleasant for the angels. The skills he possesses are unique and Hobo can surprise you with flying or sliding movement.  In other words, lots of action. 

Passing each level will unlock you a password which you can use later in case you die to continue from that level again. The game offers you three levels of difficulty easy, normal and hard. We suggest you to start from easy mode first and build your progress gradually. With playing you will get the skill acquire, will unlock very nice combos which will help you in passing the crowds. Hobo can get an item from the ground and use it. The item exhaust and Hobo drops it automatically. With each level passed, the health bar will be filled up and Hobo will be ready to challenge he Gods.

Hobo 7 is very fun game which offers you good time to relax and have a laugh. It is not so easy than it looks to be so it will keep you engaged for long enough. Once you get used to it you will smash all the angels in various ways. Good luck with Hobo 7: Heaven.

Here you can watch a video of the game: